How to order your Norfolk Fender Seat

You've had a browse around this website and quite rightly decided this gaping hole in your life needs filling. Thank you. Here's a summary of the ordering process once you've decided upon its design, leather colour and other features. The order form will remind you of the different design options to consider:

  1. Download and print this order form and measuring chart: Click here to download the price list. If you don't fancy printing it, by all means type the relevant bits into an email.

  2. Please apply your ten per cent discount to the bottom line for ordering via the web, without a visit from us (this discount applies to a full fender seat only, not for replacement seats or accessories).

  3. The measuring chart ensures we have all bases covered. It would also be sensible to submit a sketch or photograph of your fireplace, to help identify any fitting issues. Measuring help is here or on the end of the phone, and leather colour samples can be sent.

  4. Forward the above to Norfolk Fender Seats by any convenient means - we can sort out the deposit of £100 once contact has been made.

  5. You will receive a plan of the fender seat based on the measurements you have supplied. This will show the inside and outside dimensions for you to double check that all is in order.

  6. We will then be in touch to make a plan to deliver your shiny new fender seat around six weeks later.

The balance is payable on delivery, by cheque, cash or bank transfer. We only accept credit cards via PayPal, but we add their commission of 3½ per cent.