The major advantage when lighting barbecues is that
the Grenadier produces clean heat without without any odour, unlike liquid or chemical lighters. So no chemical flavour is transferred to the food and the barbie is ready to cook much quicker.

As a safety precaution the heating element on the Grenadier can only be switched on when the special safety key is inserted. The sturdy yet lightweight Grenadier has a wide and rigid stand for stability, and is adjustable to the correct height and angle for your fire.

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Grenadier Electric Firelighter £137 delivered

The Grenadier Electric Firestarter is the clean, simple, efficient way to light solid fuel fires - and is exceptionally fast and economical, too. There is no need to use matches, paper, flints, sticks, lenses made from ice cubes, the polished underside of a fizzy drinks can or smelly chemical firelighters.

The award winning Grenadier is guaranteed to light all solid fuels including wood, coal and smokeless fuels - and can take as little as a couple of minutes to do it.

The secret is in its powerful concentrated heat. Just position the Grenadier and switch on.

A built-in fan effectively directs the heat so that the fuel quickly reaches burning point. Once it's alight, switch off the heat and just the fan blow away until the fire is really going well, just like bellows.



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Case dimensions excluding handle

Height: 15.5cm
Width: 14.0cm
Depth: 10.5cm
Tube length including nozzle: 30cm
Nozzle diameter: 2.9cm
Maximum tube height above ground (to underneath of tube): 31cm
Overall stand base dimensions: 21cm x 21cm
Cable length: 2.0m
Weight: 2.5kg
Element: 1100W
Motor: 15W
240 AC