Returns are normally 15cm (six inches) to allow parking the curtains out of sight. Fully circular fireplaces or canopies can also be fitted with wheel and rail system. Add £60+vat.

Mitred corners
If the inside of your fireplace tapers inwards, we can supply the pelmet with a mitred return. 
No charge.

Not available at the moment, with regret. Mesh spark curtains to fit inside the fireplace opening

Type one, inside fix - the pelmet will tuck inside the fireplace opening, fixed either to the underside of the lintel, or to the sides of the fireplace. For the order form, scroll to the bottom of the page.


The pelmet is finished in black paint (by default) or brass, and the mesh is a dark natural steel colour. The pelmet's dimensions are 38mm x 38mm (1½ inches square). 

On widths less than 107cm (42"), the curtain hangs from horizontal rods inside the pelmet. Over this size, the rail & wheel arrangement is used. The curtains will overlap in the middle.

There is a choice of fitting options: either fix to the underside of the lintel, or fix to the sides of the fireplace.

Fixing option one, to underside of lintel

The pelmet has holes in the top edge for fixing to the underside of the lintel. It's worth checking that your lintel can be drilled into (ie, that it doesn't have a metal support).


Fixing option two, to the sides of fireplace

The pelmet has end-fix brackets for screwing into the sides of the fireplace. It's worth checking that the sides of your fireplace are strong enough to take some weight.


Pricing: £28 per square foot, plus £15 delivery (ten days), all plus vat.

To calculate the price, have a look at this spreadsheet.

Click here for the order form for this type of spark curtain (inside fit)

Measuring advice:

Think about how wide you want the pelmet to be. If you're fixing it to a lintel, it could be the same width as the fireplace opening. If it needs end fixes, it will need to be the inside width of the chimney.
If the pelmet is to tuck up behind slips (marble or slate slips perhaps), so the pelmet is out of sight, then you will need to account for this in your measurements.

Let us know if we need to deduct a couple of millimetres from the pelmet, for fitting.

Other options to consider with the inside fix: